CD, Network, or Online

GoVenture Health is available on CD-ROM and can be installed on local hard drives or shared network drives without need for Internet access. Compatible with Windows and Macintosh OS X. Online Subscriptions are also available, providing access through an Internet browser.

Compare the CD/Network version with the Online Subscription.
Choose the best option for you.

CD/Network versionONLINE Subscription
Perpetual License - pay once and never pay again.Pay a low fee for each student account with semester or yearly renewals required.
Free upgrades for 1 year.Free upgrades while subscription is active.
Students can only play on school-owned computers.Students can play on any computer, Chromebook, or tablet at school or at home.
Internet NOT required.Internet required.
Students do not require login accounts.Students require login accounts. (For K-12 schools, student personal information is not required to create a login).
Students save progress to individual save files on the local computer or network.Student progress is saved online.
Students submit their individual Performance Reports to teachers by printing them. Or, students can manually send their save files which the teacher can open to view.All student Performance Reports are automatically available through the instructor website. Includes additional reporting features for more detailed investigation and monitoring, as well as automated score comparisons for competitions.